Grey label is a collaboration between its artists and new avant-garde ways of production, submissions are encouraged. No previous experience is required and every submission will be replied to. There will not be individual responses if your demo or submission is not compatible with the label or its current projects but we encourage you to not be discouraged by this and understand there may be a time in the future where your work is compatible.
To make sure your work is seen please follow the guidelines below.
Demos should be submitted via link to the following players: Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube and Vimeo. These links can be private but should be accessible via the provided link.
- Demos submitted directly via email e.g. mp3, mov or mp4 will not be opened no response will be provided.

Demos Requirements
- Under 15 minutes total
- Sound design accepted
Submission email headers should be:
Type of submission could be:
- Video
- Sound Production
- Visuals
- Design
- Writing
- Stylist
- Fashion Design .ect

The first 3 line of the email should contain:
- Relevant Social Media link [Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube ect]
- Age
- Physical Location [London, Manchester, New York, Hong Kong ect.]

All Submissions are required to be in PDF form or links to: Vimeo or YouTube
- Submissions sent via png, jpeg, mp4, mov, ect will not be opened and no response will be provided.

All text should be kept to a minimum and should be in extract form with a maximum of 500 words, if necessary we will inquire to read more upon request.
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